It's a pleasure to meet you!

I enjoy creating things, growing things, building meaningful relationships with fellow humans and animals.

My name is Vita and I am the name behind Vita Creates. Wellness and Health professional – turned freelancer – Digital Marketing Specialist / Virtual Assistant.

Free Spirit. Self Development Junkie. Foodie. A fan of Authentic expression and Authentic Marketing.

I see myself as a fixer. I love to plan, research. Also everything techie and creative.

I left home in Eastern Europe really early driven by a wish to explore the wide wild world. I did land in London and called it home for more than 15 years. Three years ago the travel bug caught me again and now my home is a small paradise island of Spain, called Mallorca.

I had been a Jack of All Trades: Beauty, Massage Therapist and Reiki healer, Spa and Account Manager working for famous Beauty Brands, as well as freelance translator. Yet I always had a dream to have more freedom, work from home and travel more.

 I yearned for something more than just a day job.

I wanted so badly to be creative and to be fulfilled by the job I was doing. So I jumped online and after some research I have discovered a new and exciting world filled with possibilities. 

After months of learning new skills I started feeling confident in an online world and more than anything wanted to combine my experience in Wellness and Beauty world with newly acquired knowledge. 

This is how Vita Creates was born.  

I have always been and am a therapist, with deep hearts desire to help people. Today, I am not only able to help them in a treatment room, but  also to navigate in this big and exciting online world.

If you feel like we are a good match, contact me today and set up a free consultation!